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The Luso-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in co-organization with the Brazilian Embassy in Portugal, support from the Brazilian Association of Fintechs and Core Angels Atlantic, promoted the event at the Fintech House in Lisbon and digitally through the main platforms.



Visual Identity, Web Design & Print Design


Design: Tarcila Zanatta

Social Media: Indianara Borgonovo

Project Management: Marlene Fialho

Application of the visual identity of the Fintech Match Portugal—Brasil event on a road sign.


1. Heinrich Fleischhacker, the braille writing system.

1. Heinrich Fleischhacker, the braille writing system.

2. Josef Albers, Interaction of Color (1963).

2. Josef Albers, Interaction of Color (1963).

Sibling nations

Inspired by the proportion of both countries, their friendship, and colors, which we saw as a uniting tool.

Customized signage for Fintech Match Portugal—Brazil.
Customized water label for Fintech Match Portugal—Brazil, intended for event guests.
Press kit of the Fintech Match Portugal—Brazil event.


Promote a network of business opportunities and strengthen connections between the Brazilian and Portuguese communities.


Introduce participating fintechs to the panel of evaluators of the event, to foster knowledge and insights with the invited experts.


Integrate information technology, financial services, and business planning learnings to build a future together.

Tote bag for the Fintech Match Portugal—Brazil, intended for the guests of the event.
Welcome event folder design developed by Scharf studio.
Colorful graphics created from the logo symbol.
Event badge design developed by Scharf studio.

Scharf studio was responsible for creating the entire communication system for the event, from social media to covering the in-person venue. The main challenge of the visual identity was to help make the conversation appealing to both new and traditional investors, without losing sight of the different scenarios experienced by both countries.


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