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Galeria Ora works with contemporary and emerging artists from Brazil, to present artists as individuals, and their art as a result of their processes and personal experiences.

Scharf studio work encompasses all aspects of the brand: from business strategy, through verbal and visual communication, and even events and planning with the artists directly. Galeria Ora aims to be at the forefront of a movement that presents Brazilian culture, respecting its history and taking it a step forward.


Brand and Product Naming System, Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Collections Concept, Print Design (catalogs, invitations, packaging, and physical shopping experience), Event Design & Brand Collaboration Consulting


Ísis May and Tarcila Zanatta 


1. David Pearson, Brazil: the best coffee in the World (Romanian matchbox label), 2011.

1. David Pearson, Brazil: the best coffee in the World (Romanian matchbox label), 2011.

2.  Tarsila do Amaral, Barco (1925), illustration for Pau Brasil.

2.  Tarsila do Amaral, Barco (1925), illustration for Pau Brasil.

Sweet, but strong

Old house in the tropics. Remarkable windows. Repairs and arrangements are made intuitively. Art intertwines with experience. Nature sounds. Edible plants. Big windows. Morning sun. Clay, ink. The gallery is a work of art: Respect for the construction itself. Essentialist. Renewable. Routine, with new rituals, new perspectives, and challenges. Spontaneous. Affective memory, fruitful. 

Packaging design and customized products with the brand's visual identity.
Embossed logo and monogram detail used in seals and certifying documents.
Embossed brand monogram to create custom materials with ease.


Smell. Refreshing, comforting, familiar, and affectionate, like mint, rosemary, lemongrass, tangerine.

Eyesight. Well-lit and peaceful environment. Sunny, open space. Warm-toned decor, spacious rooms, an intimate experience.

Tact. Soft and sinuous, natural, warm. Its texture is provocative. Linen, cotton, running water, wool, skin.

Hearing. Voice soft and sweet, but strong. His tone is passionate and light. Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Blues, Jazz.

Taste. It is the meal that praises pleasure — It's the late afternoon coffee, which extends to happy hour. It's a freshly brewed coffee or loose-leaf tea and a freshly baked cake to go with it. 

Customized prints with the brand's visual identity.


The visual communication of the brand serves as a bonding element, creating consistency throughout the curated artists and works of art. The visual elements are flexible, to be applied in a considerable range of materials and colors.

Gallery logo applied through custom stamp on printed materials.
Custom bag design for the luxury gallery, for sale on the brand's website.
Exclusive playlist developed to reinforce personality and awaken the brand's senses.

The center of visual communication is the logo and monogram. The first is an exclusive design that approaches the hand-painted national vernacular lettering, under a contemporary and refined look. The monogram works to supply the formal aspects of the business, used in seals and certifying documents, reinforcing the gallery's reputation.

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