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Oema is a handcrafted ceramics brand committed to creating long-lasting pieces that inspire practical rituals for a joyful home.


Naming, Visual Identity, Print Design & Brand Collaboration Consulting


Ísis May and Tarcila Zanatta 


Ichiro Tsuruta (1984)

Georgia O’Keeffe (Grey Blue & Black—Pink Circle, 1929)

Precious vestiges

Flower are movement, a sign of renewal, awakening, and rebirth.They are remarkably hardy. The roots penetrate the inauspicious soil. It imposes its luminous growth on the cracks in the asphalt. Rare orchid species thrive in swamps. Decorative, fragrant and even narcotic. All nature is attracted by the proliferation of the flower.

Wheel Symbol of movement, progress, return and routine. Humans discovered that round stones could be turned into sleds to move heavy things. The wheel continues to occupy a place between the concrete and the imaginary - the potter's wheel that rotates formless matter and transforms it into a special being, transforming nature with the making of hands in repetition.

Scharf studio developed the brand strategy and communication tools for Oema that reflects the high symbolic value of the brand aligned with the excellence of craftsmanship, inherent to the luxury business model. 


The company sought us out to help them develop the brand's universe, identifying and directing opportunities for growth. Having the Arvore Methodology and Luxury Brand Elements, we create a solid communication structure for efficient growth. With intense research and creation stitched together in weekly meetings, the final project was delivered in a detailed strategy document. 


The customized approach generated a unique solution: a system of design tools and growth matrices that can be applied across products, copy, photography, promotional campaigns, packaging, digital communication, and much more. Among the deliveries are more subjective points, such as symbols and brand architecture to the most detailed actions such as key copywriting for the website and social media and briefing with a checklist for future product photo shoots.



"There are three positive points that I would like to highlight in the project:

The matrix for generating new product colors and respective names. When you present the brand's color hierarchy, in addition to the very precise primary color paths, I would like to highlight the matrix for generating new product colors and their names. This is a point where I certainly find myself stuck, and I think it was extremely correct to mention this matrix.

Word cloud: honestly, I think that was my favorite part of the delivery. This absurdly complete word cloud ensures consistency in verbal communication and makes the copywriting much more accurate. The cloud of words created is so beautiful that I even want to post more and evolve more and more when communicating with Oema.

The references that you bring during the meetings and final delivery are a success. The selection is impeccable and they inspire, encourage and serve as tangible examples for each theme. Still, the references at the end of the presentation, each with different points highlighted, give a super motivation to continue evolving and with a very well-traced route."

"Revising the presentation from the beginning was a wonderful process of rediscovering my own brand.
I was able to visualize a beautiful and extremely possible evolution for the near future of Oema."
—Ana Cruz, founder of Oema
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