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The startup core is the AI engine that automatically finds the key, interesting moments in a video. Parmonic is building the world’s most user-friendly, highly automated, almost magical video creation technology for B2B marketers.



Visual Identity & Pitch Deck Design


Strategy and Design: Ísis May and Tarcila Zanatta Brand Illustration: Matheus Lufiego


Scene from the Magician Mickey a Walt Disney cartoon (1937).

Glazed pottery with incised and inlaid decoration, Vietnam (11th–12th century), MET museum.

The mascot

The mascot is the personification of the brand, with a distinctive appearance and spirit. He is the result of the mix of two symbolic figures: the elephant and the magician.

Because of their brain structure, elephants are believed to have deep thoughts and emotions. Researchers note that elephants display complex behaviors that demonstrate their intelligence, such as using tools and cooperating. The magician is a master of ceremonies and the representation of sheer willpower.


Curious means interested in what is not one's personal or proper concern. It's an active desire to learn or to know. The curious invites you to see an important perceived change that happens very smoothly.


If you describe someone as bright, you mean that they are quick at learning things. The capacity to read the situation, and be intelligent and creative. If the future is bright, it is likely to be pleasant or successful.


Engaging means to cause someone to take part in something. It's a shared action. It's related to a very attractive or pleasing invite, in a way that holds your attention and stimulates action.

Scharf studio was responsible for redesigning the visual identity, aligning the company's perception to its new chapter. The main challenge was to rethink the mascot and the strategy so that its personality could contribute to a magical yet reliable brand.

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