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1. Seed and Forest

It all starts with the seed, a detailed dossier of precedents including business history, offers, team, market, and investors. The Forest is the mapping of the context in which the brand is inserted, and of all the aspects which may affect it in the future.

2. Roots and Trunk

Roots is a deep extraction of all sources of brand meaning, creating a rich base that will support the ideation and decision process. Then, in the Trunk, core elements are created, iterated, defined. They will influence and inform all the following communications decisions.

3. Leaves, Flowers and Fruits

The action plan is delivered, with instructions, source files, collaterals, suppliers contact, and all other tools that are necessary for the implementation of the brand.


All our projects follow the Arvore Method. This process guides us to translate complex ideas, creating brands built to last and planned to thrive.


☼ Brand Strategy

Creation of a solid structure for brand communication, from the brand audition, perception, and positioning research, to implementation guidelines.

✎ Naming

Thoughtful construction, maintenance, and expansion of verbal communication for brands: vocabulary, names for business, products, services and systems.

☻ Visual Design

Strategies are translated into visual elements such as logos, monograms, color palettes, and illustrations. Deliveries accompany the files and how to use them.

☞ Special Projects

From event materials, commemorative packaging, exclusive prints, publications, to collaborations between brands. We are always open to building new ideas.

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Galeria Ora Branding


We design visuals, names, and strategies for businesses

We believe that the deepest dialogues lie in the generosity of chance, as mysteries that invite us to assign meaning around the simplest things—ordinary only at first glance.
Intentional curiosity.
Careful interpretation.
Enduring value.

That's how we sew images and words to anchor ever-present human symbols, revealing the essence of that which is born as if it had always existed.


SCHARF specializes in brand communication through a blend of manual and digital techniques to craft genuine messages. Since 2018, we work alongside global clients in search of in-depth concepts and implementations of enduring value.


Tarcila Zanatta

Partner | Verbal and Visual Designer

Ísis May

Partner | Creative Director and Designer

Matheus Lufiego

Designer and Illustrator

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