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A meeting room to talk about jewelry and all the surrounding matters. The Foyer is a space in between, where one can prepare for the next chamber, thought, or decision on jewelry. The brand speaks to professionals in the field and jewelry lovers of all kinds.


Naming, Visual Identity, Print Design & Brand Collaboration Consulting


Ísis May and Tarcila Zanatta 

Shiny objects blurred in a dark-lit room with an open window displaying green foliage.


A brick-red colored tapestry with random vertical black stripe details.

1. With Verticals, Anni Albers, 1946

An abstract red and blue sketch resembling a three-petaled flower is drawn on the back of an envelope.

2. Glazed pottery with incised and inlaid decoration, Vietnam (11th–12th century), MET museum.

Precious vestiges

Rain is what connects heaven with earth: a fertile visit that penetrates the earth and makes life possible. Like what revives the seed that is dormant, the drops are a fresh start. Rain is movement, momentum, transition, and renewal.

Spark comes from the Greek word spargan: which means to sprout, to proliferate, to abound and from there to break out or spurt, also relating to a shoot or a plant to germinate. In Latin, spargere is to scatter, as the seeds of activating light can be sown in the darkness of immutability or stagnation.

White mug on a wood table in a glass anteroom.


Instinct is the inviting knowledge, which passes through the conscious, and touches the feelings.


It is what compels us to react, or transforms us internally. It is understanding in ways that are not completely rational, giving space to experiment, to play, to the richness of perspectives and ways of perceiving the same subject.


Clever has its origins in being manually skillful, and over time it gained the sense of possessing mental agility.


It describes the intelligence that is active and present at the moment, and that thus is able to explain and persuade in an attractive and light way. It is the wisdom that shows itself in sinuous movements, like the delicacy and precision of a serpent.


Fresh describes what is good to drink, which is not salty or impure.


It has to do with what is ready to be absorbed now, and now is the best time possible. Its effects are invigorating, awakening inner perceptions with pleasure. Yet, it is what it appears to be, and it communicates the way it is because it is.

Scharf studio was responsible for designing the brand's name and visual identity. The arched base of the logo suggests that of a portal, referring to the physical space behind the concept: the foyer. The result is a graphic system designed to easily interact with images and provide a flexible language both in digital and printed media.

Browser view of The Foyer’s Substack landing page with a call to action to subscribe to the newsletter.
A close-up shot of a lined piece of paper.
Two white boxes of content over a sand beige color background. The first has the title “Spark” with a column of non-legible text and a pearly beige abstract illustration. The second has the title “Weights” and displays different weights of the Snell Roundhand typographic family.
The Foyer logo.
Branded stationery with The Foyer’s logo printed along with the phrase “A meeting room to talk about jewelry and all surrounding matters”. There are two sheets of paper, one light beige and one green, and two light beige business cards.
Three mint-green envelopes over a sheet of paper with the word “Letterpress” printed on it.
The phrase “A meeting room to talk about jewelry and all surrounding matters” over a grayscale skin texture.
A mint-green paper bag with The Foyer’s logo and a minimalist rain pattern printed on it.
Minimalist vertical lines form a rain pattern over a grayscale background.
The Foyer’s symbol is an abstract form with 9 acute points resembling an explosion.
A set of three black and white photographs. From left to right, the first has a sunlit glass of water projecting a glowy reflection over a white table. The second has a hand with a chain bracelet. And the third has a necklace with a shiny square pendant over a décolletage partially covered by a white shirt.
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